Happy news ...
Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sorry I haven't blogged for a while but to tell you the truth I haven't had anything to blog about that is interesting..lol I know sad isn't it..lol

But now on to the good news:

I am aquiring two new additions to Chez Bear's -

When I was travelling to and fro to J's the both of us aquired a little cat called Amy and a lovely border collie cross called Jet, to keep him company while I wasn't there, but unfortunately when we split up they stayed with J. We did have another cat called Sandy, but he was a bit of a free spirit and took off on his travels and never came home the month that J and I split up. But Amy and Jet stayed with J because he was attached to them so much and them to him. Well now he is moving on and in fact moving out the country he has sked me if I want them both. So obviously I agreed without hesitation, okay I did have to ask D and obviously he wasn't at all happy. Especially because of where the animals have come from..so in some respect I can't really blame him but he can't take it out on the animals. Anyway he agreed quite happily to Amy, but I did have to work on him to let Jet live with us. Thankfully he agreed, but not without some tears on my part. So now Chez Bear's will now become Chez Zoo come October..


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