Councils and British Weather..
Thursday, July 12, 2007

Yep I know not a very exciting title but for the life of me I couldn't think of anything witty so stuck with the

Firstly can I say thank you to those that have left me personal comments to my previous post, they are truly appreciated.

And now on to the post.. Well first of all our stupid council couldn't organise a p** up in a brewery if they tried. They have been making noises for several months now about issuing everyone with separate recyling bins, and talking about a fortnightly rubbish collection. Well guess what they have finally got around to it. But it hasn't gone smoothly, nope this one has not been thought out very properly at all.

So anyway last week we have had our gorgeous (not) blue wheely bins delivered so we can happily recyle everything. We had instructions in it as to what we can and what we cannot recycle - blimey that is a military operation in itself. Now preparing dinner, washing up or even opening up a bag now takes twice as long as you mentally think "can I recycle it or is it binnable?" So off you trot to consult the sheet of paper that came around with the bins, that you have dutifuly pinned to the kitchen notice board, and then you have to wash the damn recyclable thing before you throw it away.

Anyway we thought that this weekend was going to be "blue bin" day as we have nicknamed it on our street, and this is also what it says on our lovely little calender sheet that the council have delivered with the bins. Oh no, it turns out that it isn't "blue bin" day. Nope according to the council we should have all had letters telling us that the official recycling day is in three weeks time.. Now where is this letter I can hear you asking, well gods knows. I am sure it is probably still sitting in some secretarys' intray waiting to be typed. Oh and the good bit is not everyone knows this little snippet..I only found out because I rang a friend up the road earlier and she told me. So I have been wandering around the road letting those that are at home know to put their green bin out. It should be interesting tomorrow morning, we will end up with a multi-coloured road of blue and green bins out by the side of the road.

And what is it with this blooming british weather we are having.? One day it is freezing cold, blowing a gale and hail stones the size of golf balls coming out of the sky, the next the winds are blowing and there is lightening and thunder and then the following day it is scorching hot with a blue sky.. Earlier today I was sitting indoors with a jumper and jeans on and all the doors and windows shut because it was blowing a gale and cold, and now this evening I have every window and door open, the fan on and the blinds down on the windows facing the back garden because it is scorching..Oh and the jumper and jeans have been discarded for a summer top and skirt.. I wouldn't mind but you can't really serve up stew and dumplings in a heatwave can you?..

Oh well that's life I suppose.. Oh how I wish we had seasons again not winter straight into summer like we are having nowadays. Ack that is making me sound


Flying towards my dreams @6:08 pm

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