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Thursday, January 31, 2008

About a week or so ago I stupidly managed to damage all the nerves down the right side of my back.. And you will never guess how I did this? Well even I can't believe it - I got a pint of milk out the fridge and was putting it back and then voila! One gods awful scream later and I was in the most excruciating pain imaginable. I was in that much pain I had to get D to come home from work early and get my neigbour opposite to help me get dressed. I even thought I would have to go to A&E but after speaking to my lovely Dr and then D picking up some strong prescription painkillers I managed.

As you can imagine this laid me up for over a week and just as I was starting to get feeling back and able to do things, albeit in a limited way I go and get this bloody awful sickness and diarrhea bug that is going around the UK.

How I got it I have no idea but believe me I do not want it again. This is the same bug that D had back in end August/early September of last year. Now why I couldn't have got this then I don't know but nope I get it now. I haven't even been near anyone that has been ill so I have absolutely idea how I got it. But this has laid me up since Monday and I have managed to lose half a stone in weight since then.

Poor D has even had to cook his own dinner when he comes in from work at night, bless him he hasn't complained but it can't be any fun as he gets in from London at 7ish, then has to cook a full dinner for himself and then even has to walk the dogs at 9pm. Hopefully by next week he will be able to pass the cooking back over to me to do as per normal. Still saying that I haven't even felt like eating anything - I mean there are only so many Rich Tea biscuits one person can eat when that is all they can keep in. And I have lost count of how many glasses of water I have drunk,, and here's me who doesn't even like plain water..ugh!! That's how D knows I am not well as I am willingly drinking water.

I have just had a cup of tea with a smidgen of milk and right now I can feel my stomach starting to gripe. Oh well still not ready for tea just yet, or I should say milk/dairy products.

Fingers crossed that I am feeling better at the weekend as we are having dinner with D's parents and I'm not sure I could face sitting there with everyone else tucking into a lovely roast dinner and all I have is a couple of rich tea biscuits. :-(

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