Car update..
Thursday, March 01, 2007

Aaaah the car cost me just under £90.00 to get MOT'd and two new windscreen wipers fitted because she failed the original MOT yesterday. I tell you that's the most expensive windscreen wipers I have ever

Still she's now legal for another year and has a years car tax on her too. And bless D he paid for the car tax and the difference between the MOT price and repairs needed. Well basically he didn't really have much choice as I didn't have that much money to pay Although he had already said he would pay my car tax for me before the MOT, but then the repairs came in and I couldn't afford them so it was left to him. He's a good old soul really, bless him. He does see me well and even if it costs him he wants me to keep my car on the road. Not that I use her much, about once a fortnight to go to Asda now and again..

Also took the dogs for the walk to the garage to pick the car up. Wow that was a long walk, its about a mile and half. So imagine it two bouncy dogs and me in high heels .. it made a picture to And Jet actually behaved himself around other people, he only did his usual growl greeting - no snarling or anything from him. I do think he might be improving, slowly but surely.

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