The cat that has got the cream..
Friday, March 28, 2008

My darling geriatric cat, she's nearly 20, caught a mouse the other night. I couldn't believe it when I heard her outside doing that awful growling noise that cats do. I stood there in disbelief looking at her. Bless her though she did drop it at my feet, what on earth she thought I was going to do with it I have no idea. So I gave it a wee funeral, buried it in the garden and then stuck the birdbath on top of it. Well I didn't want the dogs digging it up.

And I will say that for two days I have wondered whether she got one of the harvest mice that are living in the compost heap. Although this morning I did see one of them eating the peanuts out the bird feeder, so one is alive. They just might only be a family of two now instead of three. :-(

I still can't believe that Baba caught it, I mean she is all bone and doesn't like going away from her warm radiator. Well it just goes to show she can show the younger ones in the household that she is still top cat..bless her.!!

And she has been walking around the house looking like she has got the cream, bless her!!
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