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Friday, August 15, 2008

We are celebrating again this month with dear Jenny. If you would like to participate, here is where the details are posted on her blog. Here is my post for yesterday :-)

Another early start - Bear woke up at 5am just as D was getting in the shower, so I had to get up and let him out. Then Jet woke up so of course he had to go out as well. I've decided I might as well get up with D in the week, that way the dogs are happy and don't come and wake me up. If I start getting tired I can always catnap on the sofa during the afternoon.

So anyway as I was up I put a load of washing on, watered my veggies. I didn't go out and water the veggies at the front as I only had a short nightie on.

Ollie managed to sneak past me as I went to water out back. The little horror - but thankfully he came back in after 15minutes. It was too early for him, not much wildlife for him to stalk!!

I did pick my first two courgettes (zucchinis) from my courgette plant. They are only small but kind of cute. I think I'll use them in a courgette cake.

Managed to dry the load of washing inbetween the showers but unfortunately the bedding washing I had to drape indoors. Ironed the rest of the washing in basked and added another 5 shirts to D's work clothes. He must have enough shirts for every day for a month when they are all ironed!!

Oh we had a mini emergency here today - Amycat got out over the baby gate at the back door again!! She must have sneaked out while I was putting the washing out. I didn't notice until I went to feed some kibble the cats and only Smudge and Ollie turned up. Didn't really think anymore of it, checked upstairs but couldn't find see Amy but that's nothing new as she likes to sleep in strange places.

Anyway about 2ish as I was just locking up the back door I heard Amycat out in the garden. She was just scrambling the fence between me and neighbours. What a shock I got as I wasn't expecting to see her out there. She wouldn't come in though just went and hid under the currant bush and mewing for me to get her. Just that everytime I went near her she mewed and buried deeper underneath the bush. In the end I left her, come indoors and sat at the table. I think she realised I wasn't playing so she came running in mewing. She then went upstairs where she got plenty of fussing from me and a bashing from her brother Olliecat!!

The rest of the afternoon was spent pottering around the house picking up and generally tidying up.

Decided to take advantage of the library being open late on Thursdays and popped in to change my books. Had a lovely chat with one of the assistants in there, think they are getting to know me now as I am a regular, plus I am forever reserving stuff on the net and then going into collect piles of books at once.

As I was driving home caught up with D walking along the road, after he had got off the coach. I really didn't realise it was that late..oops!! We both arrived home at the same time!

I then cooked a lovely meal of lamb steaks in balsamic vinegar with a herb crust, courtesy of Aldi. With new potatoes and
green beans. Mmmm it was scrummy if I say so myself :-)
Flying towards my dreams @9:24 pm

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