Life is so strange..
Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Had a late start to the morning, which was nice.

Sat and watched The Matthew Wright Show while eating a late breakfast. Checked emails, wraote a brief begging email to D at work.

Then found oud the sad news that Adrian from Baldy's Blog had passed away. This was sad as I didn't realise he was so close, although readers of his blog knew it was going to happen, just not so soon. Although I have never had the priveledge of meeting Adrian I felt like I knew him from reading his blog. He had campaigned relentlessly for a bone marrow campaign. Sadly he wasn't able to benefit from this. This is so much more hard hitting for me as I have a very close friend who suffers from a rare blood cancer and everything Adrian writes/wrote about in his blog, my friend has been through all this. Obviously I hope my friend doesn't go the way Adrian did as I have already lost one friend to cancer - can I cope with another friend dieing?

After a few quiet momements I decided to make some home made bread. I dragged the bread machine out of storage, cleaned it and put the mix into cook. Mmmmm had a lovely smell of baking bread around the house.

While the bread was cooking I did the housework and popped out for a bit of shopping at Asda.

Checked email, had lunch then did some stitching.

Early evening A popped round for a coffee and a chat. She caught me with my head in the Dyson. One of the cats toy mice had got sucked up the dyson while hoovering, so I had to get that out from underneath. Thankfully it didn't take too much effort. Said toy is now back in the middle of the living room.

If it's not the dogs trying to kill/maim me with their toys in odd places it's the cats - lol I had forgotten what it was like having youngish cats - mayhem when they aren't asleep.

Did a nice toad in the hole for dinner, had a lovely chat about getting older with N. Then settled down to watch t.v. with D. No late night cooking tonight.
Flying towards my dreams @11:02 pm

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