I think it's Thursday.
Thursday, August 07, 2008

Had a disturbed night in the early hours of this morning. About midnightish the heavens opened and then we had the most horrific storm. I've not heard one like that for a good while. The lightening was so bright it was dazzling, and the actual thunderstorm was rather loud. It was actually two thunderstorms merging into each other. Why can't I have a camera handy at times like this, oh yeah I forgot I don't make it a habit to take the camera to bed with me..

I had a very frightened Amycat, who everytime it thundered would shoot off the bed and hide in the hallway. When it had stopped she came back until another clap of thunder. Jet barked at the thunder and Bear just grumbled at it. Only Smudge and Olliecat didn't seem bothered!! Eventually after two hours it was just raining and I could finally settle down to sleep. Only to be woken up again at 5am with a pounding headacheA. So I decided to get up and potter around the house, see D off to work and do some washing up - exciting eh?

Looking out at the garden a few things needed tidying up. The tomatoes are growing nicely and the peppers are a lovely size. I've even got a couple of cucumbers starting to grow.

The rhubarb is taking over again even though I picked a good 10oz to freeze the other day. I think it likes the pot I planted it in.

Need to weed the front garden and cut back my Salix and Angels Trumpet plant as it is getting harder to walk past them, down the front path, again.

A semi lazy day today after spending a good 2 hours decluttering the main bedroom yesterday. What with a major decluttering of the living room on Monday, and I mean a major decluttering, I'm shattered. The only trouble is I can't find my slippers!!

When A gets back of her holidays next and pops over for a cuppa she won't recognise the place.

Tomorrow is decluttering the kitchen - shouldn't be too bad as the main cupboards were done recently. Panning around I couldn't believe how many people had trampolines in their gardens. I even found someone who had a swimming pool. D wanted to check out our holiday destination - oooh looks nice and villagy. Even looks like there is a farm opposite our cottage.
Flying towards my dreams @2:49 pm

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