Cats are sent to test us..
Monday, October 30, 2006

Wow talk about a hair-raising The weekend started off really different and it concerned young Amy.. I was having my lazy saturday morning layin when I got this frantic call from D downstairs for me to come downstairs. Wondering what on earth it was I pottered downstairs and was confronted with two dogs jumping about in the garden trying to climb the back fence, and Ollie sitting on the compost heap staring at the top of the fence. Well guess what?? Amy had made a bid for freedom.. Somehow she managed to sneak past D while he was giving the pets their breakfast for ham and jumped straight over the back garden fence. And guess who went into panic mode..yep me!! Amy hadn't even got a collar on so even if someone found her they wouldn't know what to do, not that anyone would be able to get near her as she would go into "squeak squeak" mode (as we affectionately call it!)

So after a quick throw on of clothes and a mad dash out of the back gate I then wandered up and down our back alley calling Amy and rattling a kibbles box. Boy did I feel a twit, especially when several people gave me some funny stares...hmm they obviously weren't cat people.

And then the little horror decided to make herself known - yep she had gone all of 10 feet into the garden next to us. Trouble is she was getting herself into such a panic that everytime I went near her she would run away squeaking at me.. Then the little moo ran off in the opposite direction and disappeared from view again..

D found her hiding in the front garden of the house that she had originally ran to, so with the help of Jet and D I managed to get her to run back into the garden of that house and thankfully she then decided that she had been out long enough and had given her mommy and daddy enough scares, so she then hopped over the fences and back into our own garden over the same fence and back over the compost heap. So after I went hurtling back round the block to get to our back garden I gingerly opened up so that Amy didn't spook herself and run again. I flew through the back door and held it open so the little madam could saunter back indoors. At this point she got told off from Ollie and Smudge who were rebelling at having to stay indoors while she was

Anyway once Amy had settled back down upstairs on her duvet, I put a little kitten collar on her just in case she decided to do a houdini act again. Now that was NOT a good decision on my part..the poor thing then went absolutely barmy. She kept running around as though the bell on the collar was chasing her, then flew to the top of the wardrobe where she sat growling at me. Oh joy!! After about 10 mins of cajoling and bribery, I grabbed her and ripped the collar off (it was easier that way as she was scratching me to kingdom come!!) and she then sat on the top of the wardrobe sulking.  After about 2 hours of sitting up there and growling at anyone that came within 2 yards of her she decided she was going to be the little madam that she is lovingly known as..and settled down on her duvet in the bedroom and become her normal self.

But Ollie did have to have the last swipe, he bopped her on the rump as she ran from the spare room back into our bedroom.. He had been lying in wait till she came down from the wardrobe..

I am now keeping fingers crossed that this week doesn't have any trials and


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