Is it really August...
Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What revolting weather it is outside, it has been getting blacker and blacker all morning and now the heavens have opened and it is pouring down. Looks like I will have to turn the computer modem etc off as it looks like it will thunder pretty soon..ugh!!

Looking outside I am really beginning to wonder whether we have seen the last of summer. I am convinced that winter literally lept into a weak summer, and our summer has now lept into an early winter - has England decided to join Australia and have the seasons topsy turvy..

Thankfully the horrible stomach bug that knocked both me and D out for over 10 days seems to be on its way out. Although poor D doesn't seem to be able to shift it completely. We are now on the third week with it and it doesn't want to leave D regardless of the tablets the Dr has given him. Well all I can say is blimey it must have been one heck of a stomach bug, and where the heck did we catch it from.. Still at least it wasn't food poisoning as I was starting to worry it must have been either the chicken we had for that Sunday or even the KFC I decided to treat us to on the Friday.. Maybe this was some way of saying no more

I am slowly getting the house back to some sort of order, although it is taking forever for some reason. Well I suppose that's what you get when you do absolutely nothing for a good 10 days.

We have had a new addition to the house the past week - Beth. I am looking after my friends dog for her while her and her family are away camping at Soul Survivor in Somerset for a few days. Beth is a lovely little dog, she is a westie cross we think now and is about 11 years old. Thankfully she gets on with my boys, but the cats have been a bit wary the past few days. But they are now getting braver and are starting to wander back downstairs. Typical just as she is on her last couple of At the moment I have Jet asleep in Beth's dog bed, Beth asleep on Jet's chair and Bear asleep on his own chair. He was asleep next to me but I think he got the hump with me trying to get comfy on the sofa so got off and went on his chair. It is certainly doggy heaven in this house at the moment..

I have a few photo's of the pets and the flowers outside to upload to another post later on today. So mustn't forget..

Off to see the Dr later today for a Mental Health Review whatever one of those is.. Seem's like a pointless excercise seeing as I am seeing a psychiatrist on a regular basis as well as awaiting therapy to start. Oh well obviously my Dr's know what they are doing. I imagine it will be a quick hello and this is what I am taking etc..and then out again. I will probably have a longer conversation with the receptionist than the


Flying towards my dreams @12:59 pm

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