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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ok so its probably not the right title for this post, but hey who cares - its my blog and I can write what title I want..lol. Oooh kind of reminds me of that 80's song "Its my party and I'll cry if I want" *click on link for lyrics*

So what has been happening at Chez Natty? Err not a lot..lol We went out at the weekend shopping in Gravesend. It was mainly a trip to go and order the french doors for the living room and then we did a quick diversion to Gravesend so I could go and get some clothes, with the money I managed to get out of D eventually. I was such a happy bunny bouncing around the shops trying on different clothes, and had a shock actually. I have gone down ANOTHER dress size.. yep you read that right, I've gone down yet another dress size. I couldnt believe it, there was me looking at size 16 skirts, and they were way too big, so I had to get size 14's in some. The only trouble is I still need a size 18 for the tops, my flipping boobs have not gone down in size at all - so thats why I have to wear the 18's up top. I have decided that I am going to end up like Dolly Parton - all boobs and small waist.. Well I dont think D will mind that much, if only I could get him interested enough..lol You know what was really weird, when I weighed myself I had only really actually lost 2lbs but the inches are disappearing rather fast.. So I think maybe I might have levelled out on weight now, and because I am following a reasonable diet - the Paul McKenna Think Yourself Slim diet..although its not a diet as I know diets. You can actually eat what you want, when you want but within reason. And it does work, believe me. I have actually learnt to listen to my body, and when I'm hungry I eat, and I dont eat now for the sake of it. Also if I want to eat a gooey cake or chocolate then I dont deny myself anymore. I actually enjoy it, and I dont eat the whole cake or choc bar like I used to. I am finding that I am deviating over to healthier foods and salads. I often find myself snacking on tomatoes or a couple slices of ham rather than sugary stuff. So yes as you can tell I am really pleased with having gone down a dress size without even realising it. Maybe its cos I am actually cooking proper foods every night instead of having takeaways twice a week.. I dont know..maybe I wont ever know, but what I do know is its actually working.

More news..hmm let me see. We have placed our order for our french doors, and they are coming to rip out the patio doors and put in some really nice french doors in the living room in a weeks time. I am really looking forward to it, it finally means the house is getting sorted out. D has also said we can have the double glazing windows changed later this year/early next year. The only downside is that I have to keep up with my cleaning and cooking, mustn't let the house get to how it used to be a few years ago when I was severely depressed. Well I suppose thats not too much to ask is it..besides the house is really looking nice and clean/tidy anyway. At least I am not afraid to have anyone turn up unexpectadly now.. And I am afraid to say its not all my doing, nope its been done with the help of an american lady, and she has this website called Flylady, and I hate to admit it but without some of the principles of Flylady the house wouldn't be like it is now..and I suppose because the house is clean and tidy then I am happy..and so is D, and this means he is prepared to do things around the house and get the major stuff that needs doing done.

Wow I didnt realise this post was going to be so long.. I was only going to write a wee post but somehow it seems to have taken a life of its own.. I think I will sign off now, and write later the things I was going to write about..thats if I can remember what they were..lol

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