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Monday, July 03, 2006

I had the evening from Hades Saturday, and I just wanted to scream...AAAaaaaaaah!! That's

Saturday was relatively quiet as D went off to play with his steam trains and I just pottered around. I put a load of washing on, that finished and was hung on the line so I put another one in the machine.. Big mistake.!!

Somehow my washing machine decided to throw a major hissy fit. It refused to drain water out, refused to spin and basically refused to do much.. So I got down on my hand and knees, proceeded to flood the kitchen out getting the water out, took the filter out and cleaned that - gods it was bunged up with fluff from a bathroom mat that I had washed last week. Although the machine had been working since I washed the mat. So thinking that this would cure it, I went and started the machine off again. Another big mistake - it didn't get past the rinse cycle once again. Oh joy of joys - empty machine, have a row with D as I think maybe the machine is dead. This might be due to the fact it was sparking at the bottom where the motor is.. So I said to D maybe it would be a good idea to go out tomorrow and get a new one. You know that was a big mistake too.. You would think I would learn - me and my mistakes. So I literally dropped all the wet washing on the floor, told him to deal with it - got in my car and drove to the nature reserve on the island and just sat there for an hour watching the bunnies playing around, I was much calmer by the time I started the drive back home.

I ended up sitting eating a belated Chinese takeaway, while D took Bear out for a walk to let me watch t.v. I was miffed as I missed Dr Who, but that's wasnt a problem in the end as we ended up watching it on tv replay..

I spent two hours standing with my washing machine hose in my hand and physically emptying the machine when it should be doing it automatically. So I now have a defunct washing machine, and a semi filled laundry basket of dirty clothes.. Aaaah!!! Oh well life is sent to test me..

Yesterday was a good day, albeit very very hot.. Although if you ask D how I was he would say grumpy.. He said he had never known anyone like me who hated the heat with such a passion..and also who was so grumpy with it.

So today I am approaching the washing.. Well the machine works until it gets to the rinse and spin cycles, so I have to hold the hose at the back of the machine, on the floor and in bowls so that I manually empty the machine of water. But mustn't complain as at least it does still work in a

I am also going to change my blog layout.. I found this most gorgeous template yesterday and D even liked it too.. Here's a sneak preview:

click to enlarge..
Flying towards my dreams @10:14 am

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