Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Not a lot going on at Chez Bear's (which is what my home shall henceforth be known as..) We've had a death and a surprise in the family, all in the space of a week.

Sadly D's last living Uncle passed away on Saturday from cancer, although I am convinced he just gave up on life when he lost his wife (Aunt Rose) two years ago. We won't be going to the funeral though, that was a joint decision between me and D and his parents, mainly because its too far away for them to get to and D won't be able to get time off work. Uncle Dick wouldn't have minded, he would have known that we would still be remembering him in our own way though.. So now, unfortunately, there are only Aunties left in D's family, the Uncles have all departed, weird when you think about it..

A bit of good news, my washine machine that was having hissy fits on me which resulted in me having to "babysit the hose" everytime it went to do a rinse and spin - it suddenly stopped having the tantrums and is now back to working normally. All because it had a piece of fluff stuck in the outlet pipe somewhere - it coughed this up during a wash and was as right as rain afterwards. I shall never understand electrical things, they have a mind of their own.

The weather hasn't improved much - if anything it has got more humid. It was supposed to be cooling down by a couple of degrees - yep it did that but then the humidity index shot up. Great!! I am spending every day now encamped in front of the air conditioning unit in the living room and hardly moving at all...lol. Hey a bit of good news on the a/c front..the unit that I blew up now works. Yep another electrical gadget that has hissy fits.. I do not understand these things, I am sure they are sent from a higher place to test me.. What is it with electricity and heat..does it not agree? Aren't a/c units supposed to be used to cool places down or is that just a myth..

The surprise at Chez Bear's didn't go down at all well with one male member of the household, especially when a trip was made to porcelain goddess while I was eating my dinner last night... So that has sort of dampened the spirits here somewhat. Suffice to say my birthday next year (Feb 11th) will be something we won't forget in a hurry, and its not because I am turning 39..lol Its weird because last night I remembered my tarot reading from over over 2 years ago, that I had while I was in Chester with J. So far everything she had told me had come true, but there was still one thing that hadn't added up and which I had dismissed entirely as pure speculation on her part.. But if all goes to plan then this will be the last thing that should come true..

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