Sunday, August 14, 2005

Haven't written for a couple of days, mainly because I havent really felt like it - whats new there..lol.

Anyway Thursday I went to therapy, ugh!! Not a good one as it left me even more churned up than normal. It didnt help that it had taken me 5 times driving around the blooming hospital carpark trying to find a parking space so I was already hyper over that..then to have a shitty therapy session. Well I was not good that day..I went out afterwards and immediately spent a shit load of money..oops!! Still never mind its only money, well maybe not only money but it felt good when I was spending it..lol.

Cant even tell you what happened on Friday, it kind of disappeared on me - it must have been that exciting NOT! Oh I do know that we had takeaway for tea and sat and watched The School of Rock on sky, which was really good. Both D and myself enjoyed it totally.

Saturday was a good day.. I came into a load of money and I was a happy bunny as it meant that I could pay off my credit card, pay my debts to D and still be comfortable. Typical of me I dragged D out shopping in Gravesend. It was really weird though as I hardly brought anything at all. Although I did get this gorgeous mohair wrap top in Asda that was absolutely to die for. I also had a bit of a spend up in the cardmaking shop and got some christmas stamps and bits and bobs. I even brought lunch, which is unheard of as I have never got any money..lol. I think D was quite surprised..although I didnt go and actually pay for it at the counter I sent D to do that, so sorry Wendy I couldnt do it quite so soon..Maybe one day :-)

Today - hmmm another uneventful day. I stitched on some more of my RR's, pottered about the house and went browsing online at stitchy shops. I was good as I didnt buy anything today, although I had brought things the last couple of days online...oops!!

We had a surprise in the garden though over the weekend.. Well as we already have a family of hedgehogs in the compost heap, a toad living in the pond, a resident blackbird that we have nicknamed Spike, and various birds in our garden, I can now add to the menagerie ........... a squirrel. Yep thats right a squirrel.!! We watched him from the patio doors jump off the elder tree at the back of the garden, onto our fence and jump into the hanging basket then jump onto the dustbin and then onto the bird feeder. At this point the cheeky monkey took the feeder off the hook and proceeded to take it into the middle of the garden. Meanwhile while all this was happening the dog was sitting under the washing line in the garden just watching the squirrel running around the garden..stupid dog didnt even move a muscle! I am beginning to wonder if Bear is actually a dog or a mouse..lol. Even the cats weren't bothered by the squirrel as they were sitting in the herb garden down the bottom of the garden watching the squirrel too. I am beginning to think that this squirrel has been to our garden before as he certainly knew where and what he was doing. D had to chase the squirrel around the garden to get the feeder off him, luckily he dropped it while running so D could put it back more securely. He came in and we both watched the squirrel from the patio doors again. Said squirrel proceeded to run along the top of the fence, hop into the tree at the back and scuttle up the branches, but not without a back glance at us as if to say "I'm coming back I like it here"...lol.

Anything else fancy coming to live in our garden..
Flying towards my dreams @11:38 pm

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