Well its all been happening here...
Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Can someone tell me if stressfull days are supposed to test us, or are we supposed to be like the good women that we are and take it as normal??? Well this bunny has had enough..lol. Lets see, where do I start??

Ok last Thursday I didnt blog about my therapy because quite frankly I was knackered, and believe it or not it had nothing to do with therapy..but I will start with therapy and then work from there..so bear with me!!

Well therapy was good, yep I actually said good..lol. After just about scraping through to my appointment with seconds to spare before 11am, and Wendy saying to me "oh you're 1 min early" when I do arrive, I was feeling relatively okay. We started off chatting about how I was feeling, then we got onto the toughy things..life!! Ack now why did she want to do that I ask you, that was something I didnt want to even acknowledge..lol. Anyway we talked about what had happened with my FIL, D, D's cousin - and then we ended up getting into a conversation about my childhood. Now how we got onto that I have no idea, boy that woman can turn a topic around quicker than I can say "BOO". Anyway nasty stuff was brought up and I was a jelly, yep a quivering jelly. And I thought I was being really good too, as I hadnt cried at all before then. And to top it all we had a bloody fire bell go off, so had to troop outside, and what did W do, yep she carried on the chat outside..aaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Gods knows what I must have looked like, all blotchy and red eyed sitting on a wall ripping up tissues..oh well thats therapy for you!! Anyway back inside after about 10 mins, reakon someone burnt their toast..lol. We then get onto the subject of my relationship with D, oooh not good, not good at all..wont go into it! Maybe another day. Anyway thankfully after an hour the session ended..but my homework was I had to physically go up and pay for lunch at the weekend, instead of letting D do it so that I dont have to face anyone..ugh!! Also I have to get a book out on yoga and meditation, ooh goody!! So onto home..

When I got home, I had just sat down with a cup of tea when the doorbell went, my friend A from down the road. Eeeeks I could tell she was not in a good way, so good old Natty put on her "tell Auntie Natty" shoulders..and let her in. Poor girl we had a hard time in the afternoon..she was going through hell with her marriage, found out that her 17yr old daughter, who had run away last October was expecting a baby this September and poor A just couldnt cope. So we got through the afternoon with me consoling her, listening and then being constructive. We managed to work out her finances so that if her husband did leave her then she could still keep the house on. Well after that we were just settling down to some more tea and biccies, when all of a sudden the flood gates opened, and poor A then ended up hysterical and a quivering wreck. Oooh er I had seen this before, yep it was me earlier in the day..oh dear. So I took control, and decided that she needed to go to the drs pretty quickly. After talking to A I came to the conclusion, what I had really known for a while anyway, that she was depressed. So I got the dr to phone me, and with A's permission I talked to her dr about how she was and what could she suggest I do. Well short of them wanting to take A into hospital for 72 hours observation, she wasnt sure. Well A then flipped a fruitloop and was in no way going to hospital. So we had to think of something else..so I agreed to take her to the drs for a chat etc. Well this was arranged , so I rang A's hubby at work. Now cos I cant get hold of her hubby due to him being a coach driver I had to get through to his works and get them to radio a message to ring me at home. Gods I wish I hadnt, that man was so abusive on the phone to me it was unbelievable, poor A..she was mortified. So I put the phone down and told her not to worry about it. I then rang her daughter to tell her what was going on, as she was the one that had told A to come to me as I would know what to do. Well it turns out that A's husband didnt want A to have anything to do with anyone, not just me, as he didnt want her to tell anyone how her life at home was so miserable, and he wanted to isolate her. Well that didnt work did it mister!!! Now I understand why A has been like she has been over the last 4 years. Poor girl!

Anyway at the right time we went off to the drs and I had to leave a note for D, as he was due home saying gone to the drs with A, get a chinese..poor lamb didnt know what was happening. So the dr says that yes she is depressed, and has put her on antidepressants and we have to go back on Thursday to see how she is.

So that was my thursday of therapy..but wait it doesnt finish there..oh no it carries on..the week still hadnt finished..lol

Friday I had the insurance guy come around regarding our living room carpet. Yep finally got round to making a claim for something that had happened to the carpet when we had Patchy all those years ago. And guess what!! I picked out a new carpet..yep they have agreed to replace the blue carpet in the lounge with a nice new carpet..woohoo. So I chose a lovely dark peach colour, and I have even got D to agree to buy new curtains for the living room when the carpet arrives, blimey a miracle.

Then Saturday we had to drive to the Chevrolet garage in the morning to pick D's new car up..a new Kalos. And he is a happy bunny with it, he loves it to bits.

And I got my car too, his 3 year old daewoo Lanos - which made me happy.

So no old bangers for me anymore, and no more not being able to drive in the rain for fear of the car breaking down..wohoo!!

Anyway after picking up the car, and swapping over cars..gods that sounds weird. We decided to drive into Bromley. Oooh that was scary, technically driving on london roads, still I managed it fine. I drove past the hospital where I was born just outside Bromley, past the signs to Hayes and Bexley, which I lived when I was little. That felt weird, dont know why just felt weird. Anyway caught D up in Bromley, then we spent a good ten minutes driving round The Glades Shopping Centre car park..oh joy. Finally we went down to the basement and lo and behold they actually had loads of spaces..doh!! Oh well it gave D practice with the new car. Me I just slid down a couple of the hill starts in the carpark..lol. Well not really I just kinda felt it was moving as it was a different car and I wasnt really used to it. Had a lovely lunch, walked around a bit, dodged the rain and I bought a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers from the market. Then home we came.

Sunday was a day of recovering..lol. We did nothing much. Until today - Tuesday.

I woke up with an awful Migraine so spent most of the day in bed. Then got up in the afternoon and felt relatively okay. Browsed the boards, sorted dinner out, then D came home and it was then we noticed. The pipe upstairs in the hallway had sprung a leak..grrr Water was coming through the ceiling on the the carpet, thankfully it was still the old carpet..otherwise I wouldnt have been too impressed. Well after ringing the insurance company and nearly telling the woman she was incompetent as she couldnt find the emergency cover details we had. Err excuse me what part of HSBC and staff do you not understand.. Anyway D took over as I was getting more and more wired..finally sorted it out. After what seemed an age, with listening to drip drip of water in a bowl the plumber came out. Took one look at the pipe, and said that it had been leaking slowly for ages..oh shit!! Still he fixed it with a new pipe, put the floor boards back and we only had to pay £12.00 cos it was wear and tear. The insurance company pay the call out..phew!!!

So there you go, that has been my eventful few days.. I need the rest of this week to recover..lol. Tomorrow I am going to drag A around Hemptstead Shopping Centre for lunch, to get her out.

And now for bed..
Flying towards my dreams @11:54 pm

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