Absent garden birds..
Tuesday, June 03, 2008

An early start this morning. It wasn't intended to be early but Jet decided to bounce all over me. It's very difficult to sleep when you have 3 stone of dog bouncing around on the bed with his favourite toy!! Why can't he bounce over D I don't know, nope he would rather do it to me.. So I got up!

Washing will have to wait another day as the weather was forecast for another wettish day. It's now I regret not getting a combined dryer and washing machine. Who would believe it's June though. To tell you the truth it feels like Autumn!

Can't believe it's technically 6 paydays till Christmas as someone pointed out yesterday –where has the year gone?

We had a mini tragedy last weekend – Ollie caught a baby starling. Now I have no idea how he did this as he isn't the brightest of cats – he stares at the poor birds giving them a complex normally!! He came running into the house amid a lot of squawking. We investigated and found him at the top of the stairs with this starling in his mouth. After a bit of coaxing he did give it up to D – I think the lure of his food was too tempting!!! Anyway D took the bird outside and it flew off, but not after pecking D. Now there's gratitude for you!! I think I'm going to have to keep an eye on Ollie, he certainly seems to pack it all in during his hour excursions outside in the garden. So we've had birds, mice I wonder what the next prey will be – the frog!!

Wow all this rain has certainly made everything grow in the garden. I can't believe my veggies are so advanced – I had to transplant my tomatoes during the week. The rest of the veg was all transplanted at the weekend. Although my beans are providing a source of food to something – the leaves had all been eaten, darn slugs and snails!! Fingers crossed they grow as I have cut all offending leaves off.

Haven't seen Mr and Mrs Dove for a couple of days, wonder if she is nesting. Mr and Mrs Starling brought their babies down for a bath. I counted 7 baby starlings lined up on the fence all waiting for the bird bath.

I have seen two new additions in the garden, Mr and Mrs Wren and Mr and Mrs Coaltit. These are unusual to our garden but a welcome addition never the less.

While having my 2nd cup of tea I pondered what to do today – I need to make some more cake and biscuits for the snacking tin, plus I have a lemon to use up. I also need to go through the downstairs cupboard and clear it out of the junk in there. Do I really want to do this? It really does need doing especially as we are climbing over gods knows what to get to the freezers.

I have spent the best part of the morning ironing, ugh!! I sent D off to do the shopping this morning so I could make a start on it.

Big Brother 9 has sstarted – oh my god I can't believe the contestants this year. They are certainly a motley crew. Still it makes compelling viewing, but I really must curb my viewing of it. The other night I didn't get to bed untill 3am!!

Flying towards my dreams @10:00 pm

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