Tuesday 15th July 2008
Tuesday, July 15, 2008

5.50am - another early start this morning. Yep the dogs woke me up again, so I had to get up to let them out in the garden. Then poor Jet wouldn't come in so I had to go out and get him in. He was fine until he got to the back door then he heard the smoke alarm charging up. Well that was funny, if anyone could've seen me - I had to get behind Jet and physically push him on his rump. Okay if he was a smaller dog but not a 3stone collie!!! He eventually got indoors and then proceeded to play with his ball as though there was nothing wrong - daft mutt!!

It was the Kent County Show at the weekend so we along and took N with us as well. We got their nice and early and somehow we managed to bypass the traffic going up the A249 by going off the Bredhurst turn off. We parked in a back carpark and we actually got near the entrance which was a bonus. The weather was fantastic - not too hot and not too cold. And the crowds were minimal. I think most people thought they would go on Sunday when it was supposed to be hotter. We ended up spending a good 5 and a half hours there before we left. I treated myself to a gorgeous handmade mouse doorstop. I also got some more of my aprons that I like - I think D has given up with me and aprons. At this rate I'll soon have one for each day of the week and some extra days. I was then drawn to a beautiful crystal stone called "Goldstone" which I treated myself to.

Yesterday was mum's 61st birthday so I took some lillies up to the crematorium and put them on her plot. I also tidied up her rose bush and cut a couple of budding rose blooms to put in a wee vase home here.

I can't believe this is the 2nd birthday that Mum isn't here. It really doesn't seem possible that she has been gone nearly 2 years this coming November.

I did notice, while I was at the crematorium, that I am the only one that visits mum and takes flowers. I thought this last year when it was her one year anniversary but dismissed it. But yesterday just made me realise if I didn't go up there she would have no visitors. So much for all her friends and relatives - they can't even be bothered. And they do know where she is as I sent out letters telling her friends and family. Oh well just goes to show we may have had a bad past together, yet I don't forget her up there at the crematorium. I find I can be close to her when I am there - if she only knew!! For all my faults, according to her when she was alive, I'm the one that is there for her. None of the rest of the family and her friends seem to care. I think it's a case of "out of sight, out of mind" for them. As they say "There's nowt as queer as folk" and this is so true!.

Mr and Mrs Dove have been down for their morning bath, and Mrs Thrush has been snail bashing by the front door outside.

Still no sign of my mouse family thought :-( Lots of baby sparrows though - I love to see them in the garden waiting for their parents to finish feeding so they can feed next.

Beer in ale for dinner tonight, with plum pie afterwards. The beef went in the slow cooker not long after D left at 6.30am. And I shall use the plums that have been ripening off in the fruit bowl Plenty of sugar, a cinammon stick and lovely squishy plums all stewed together. Then homemade pastry to make the pie with.

I also want to make some cherry flapjacks, to make use of the oven while the pie is cooking.

The afternoon will be spent packaging up some parcels that need to be posted and then settling down with my stitching.
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