An early start yet again !!
Monday, July 28, 2008

Up early this morning. The boys jumped all over the bed at 5.30am waking me up. So there was nothing for it but to get up. Even Olliecat was up and about. He sat and watched the wildlife with me.

We had a good weekend this past weekend. On Saturday we drove over to Sutton Valence to pick up D's new car. He is really pleased with it - you could almost see him grinning when he drove it. And me being me had to fiddle with all the buttons - well a girl has to know what the car

I really wanted to get myself a new car while we were picking up D's one. I really am going to have to chase up Mum's money now and get it all sorted.

Then on Sunday we went to D's parents as D's brother C was there and our niece T had come down with him. Blimey she's a livewire, she has so much energy for a 9yr old. It's exhausting watching her Photobucket

We all went out for a meal at a restaurant that we had been to before. The food was nice but the service left a lot to be desired. Trouble is I think the owners had tried to change the running of this restaurant but it wasn't quite working. But it was a nice meal and we all had a laugh.

Spent the afternoon back at D's parents and got totally exhausted watching T playing in the garden with D and C. T didn't even stop talking when we all sat down for tea. It was lovely to see T but boy I don't think I could have her full time Photobucket.

The animals didn't seem to notice that we had gone for the day. I was a bit worried as we are dog sitting my friend S's dog Beth. But my worries were unfounded - all the dogs and cats slept all the time we were out. Although it was bedlam when we did get indoors - Bear and Jet bouncing around and Beth jumping around the dogs. She's a lovely dog and considerably smaller than my two. The cats aren't bothered at all by Beth being here, in fact Olliecat is being even more of a little sod. He loves nothing more than sitting on the living room window sill and staring at poor Beth. It's almost as if he's saying "it's my house and I have let you stay here". Daft cat!!

Tattybird was here again this morning. He was making sure the starlings didn't fly to the ground. He's getting very territorial over the garden now.

Thankfully the heatwave is supposed to break today according to the weather experts. I don't mind the heat it's the humidity that is too much to bear. Also the pets aren't happy either in the heat and the birds are really complaining too.

The plants are flourishing but that's probably because I am wathering them eveyr day in the evening and morning as well. They could do with a good dose of rain though.

Dead headed my roses and various other plants this morning, checked the baby pumpkins are growing okay. Hopefully they won't get munched on.

Picked a nice bunch of rhubarb from the plant outside, which I will make into a pie to freeze.

Popped to Asda for a couple of things but didn't stay long, it is too hot outside and definately too hot for driving. My little car doesn't have the luxury of air conditioning like D's car.

Caught up with the second half of the BBC Proms Dr Who special. The first half we were listening to while driving to D's parents, and didn't hear the 2nd half. I did my ironing to it while blasting the surround sound out. Thoroughly enjoyed it and it certainly made the time ironing pass quicker.
Flying towards my dreams @2:11 pm

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