Sunday 20th July
Sunday, July 20, 2008

The reunion on Friday evening went really well. I had spent the afternoon with N chatting and watching t.v. Before we knew it, it was time to get ready for the reunion.

We left at 7pm to go and pick up and old school friend who was going to the reunion as well. We got to the pub at 7.45pm and met up with several other old school friends. It was great to catch up with everyone. Finally the stragglers arrived and we had a full compliment of 18 from the "Class of 84". After a couple more drinks we all moved down to the S's 40th birthday celebrations at Palm Cottage down the road from the pub. A lot of dancing, drinking and general chatting was done by all.

It was so weird seeing everyone after 24 years. Obviously we had all aged - but one of the group still looked exactly the same. You could definately tell who it was I, where some of the others you had to think about who they were. The really weird thing was that the girls that had bullied me at school were so friendly, although I think they had been drinking a fair bit. Actually I got on better with them than the girls I was friends with at school. Strange how time changes things. N got chatting to her ex K nearly all evening - or let's just say he was very attentive to her. Shame my ex R never showed up, he must have bottled it!!

Then all too soon we got booted out of the club and all staggered down to the local nightclub. That was an experience for me - my first time in a nightclub. Don't think it will be my last either if a couple of the girls have their way later on in the year. Who would have thought it - 40 and clubbing!!

I left the club at 1.30am so N and I walked back to Palm Cottage to pick my car up. Drove back to N's for a cuppa and a late night chat. Finally got home at 3am. Then to bed only to annoy D by being so bouncy. I wanted to keep talking, I must have eventually fallen asleep though!!

Saturday I felt like I had been up all week and I hadn't been drinking either, but my head was pounding. Thankfully D went out early to take his car to be serviced in Maidstone. I must have fallen asleep as next thing I knew D was back home with a courtesy car. Thankfully I was feeling more human by then :-)

At about 1ish we went to pick uphis car and price up a new Citreon C1. Funnily enough I preferred the C2 Cachet. So we took one out for a test drive. I loved it - it was a gorgeous car to drive. So guess what - 3 hours after going to pick up D's old car he had signed, sealed and bought a brand new Citreon C2 Cachet in silver. He wasn't intending on doing this just I kind of talked him into :-) We will be collecting it in a weeks time all being well.

And when mums comes through I am going to treat myself to a new Citreon C1. I fell in love with this one, but I will go for a 1.4 instead as I am used to a 1.4 and I don't want to drop engine size.

So all in all Saturday was a hectic day.

Sunday was more sedate thankfully. We only popped out to buy the paint and bird food/seed from our new Wilkinsons in Sittingbourne.

Came home, filled the feeders up and watched the bird population re-appear in our garden.

Also my mouse family are back - Mr and Mrs Mouse were spotted on the peanuts in the evening. I have no idea where they have been but they are back.

And we have a new resident - a blackbird. I think he is a semi-grown one but looks so tatty. We have called him "Tattybird" and he has been around a bit.

I have 4 pumpkins growing which I am pleased about. I am worried abou the courgette plants - the leaves are turning yellow. Will have to keep an eye on them. Everything else is doing really well amongst the veggies :-)

Made a start on Shepherds Bush "Baby Bug Ball" while watching t.v. tonight. Got confused with the colours though, as they are so close together. Will have to sort them again tomorrow in the daylight, either that or phone B to see if she can help me sort them out.

D came home with his new Blackberry which he got from work, so I aquired his old one. Now I have to sort out a new sim card for it as he has to take the original card. Also I have to sort out a wireless network so I shall be exploring Virgin Media's package for phone.
Flying towards my dreams @10:15 pm

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