Tuesday 24th June 2008
Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Early to rise this morning. It was lovely to wake up with the sun coming through the bedroom window. Put a load of washing on and sorted out another two loads ready to be washed.

Ollie and Smudge went out as soon as I opened the back door. The two dogs stayed asleep in their lazy beds. Thought about tea tonight and it will be nice and lazy as I already have the bolognese prepared in the freezer.

Decided to repot the vegetables that needed doing while it was reasonably cool out the back. I am a wee bit worried about one tomato plant – for some reason the stem is suffering. I am going to have to keep an eye on this plant.

Had a look at the rest of veg planted – the cabbages in the front garden are growing nicely. The two rhubarb plants, also in the front garden, are flourishing which I am pleased about.

The pumpkin out the back has also flourished, as are the courgette plants. I even have small flowers starting to grow. The other rhubarb plant, that was planted out in its own pot, is really growing lately.

As I write these observations down Amy has found a lovely sunny spot near me, and is stretched out to full length on her back. I imagine I'll see her tanned before long – she is definitely a a cat that is a sun worshipper!! I have noticed on sunny days she follows the sun around the house via the windowsills – this is definitely a side of her I didn't know she had before she came to live her. When she was with me up north she was a totally different cat. Amazing what a stable and loving home can do to a nervous cat. She loves being around Ollie, and occasionally tries to beat Sumdge, the geriatric cat, up but normally loses! She is also starting to voice her opinion when she wants some cat biscuits or food. I think she has got this idea from Smudge who is a very verbal cat!!

Had to cancel Dr's appointment today, my body let me down again. So I now have to wait a week or so and ring for another appointment where Michelle will fit me in straightaway as my body is so unpredicatable.

Noticed while watering the plants and vegetables that I actually have two tiny courgettes starting to grow.I'm keeping an eye on this pigeon that has taken a liking to our garden for some reason. D says it is because I am growing a few more vegetables than previously I have done. My Pigeon had better behave himself otherwise he could find himself in a pigeon pie!!

Flying towards my dreams @12:38 pm

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