ABC Meme
Friday, April 21, 2006

This is a nice easy meme which Gemmak tagged me with:

Accent – Kentish with the Medway Towns flattened vowels.

Booze of choice – I would much prefer a cup of tea

Chore I hate – Ironing

Dog or Cat – Both

Essential electronics – Laptop, camera, external hard drive, cable modem, tv and tvdrive thingy.. Heck can I just say all

Favorite perfume - Ghost

Gold or Silver? Silver.

Hometown – Kent

Insomnia? – Yes and I hate it.

Job Title – Domestic Engineer (that's housewife to you and me!).

Kids? – Nope.

Living Arrangement – Married

Most-admired trait – Ack I have no idea what mine is..

Overnight Hospital Stays – Err yes 12 years ago in the psychiatric ward for a month

Phobia – Spiders, wasps, bees or any other insect that has wings and flies..ugh!!

Quote – *Never feel that you're to blame, sometimes life breaks in mysterious ways*

Religion – Pagan

Siblings – Nope

Time I wake up – Normally 9ish unless its a weekend then its 8ish when D gets up.

Unusual talent/skill –Nope not sure I have one

X-rays – Several

Yummy foods I make – Stew and Dumplings, meat pie, bacon and onion suet pudding, cakes

Zodiac sign – Aquarius

And I have no idea what 'N'

...and those required to please join in are:

Belinda, Harsha, Kiwijo and Sapph

Flying towards my dreams @12:29 pm

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