No motivation..
Monday, April 10, 2006

Just cant get motivated today. Still the weather doesnt flipping help, one minute its freezing cold, then the sun is shining as though its summer, and this morning it snowed 10 miles down the road from me, overnight. It had even laid, D mentioned it when he got into work and emailed me. You wouldn't believe it was the middle of April.. I swear our seasons are all screwy at the moment.

Had a really weird dream last night. It actually felt like I was awake and was listening to the radio news, it was that vivid. The newsreader was saying that Sir Jimmy Saville had died of something or other, and it was a sad loss to everyone. I admit that I even looked all online and on ceefax to see if he had, due to the fact that I thought it was really a newsreading and not a dream. Suffice to say I couldn't find anything.

I've had several dreams like this lately, where I have actually thought I have had the conversations or heard the conversations in my dream. They are so real, spooky.

Well the weekend went by without any hiccups, nothing exciting happened. But then nothing ever does happen during my weekends. D went to M'stone on Saturday and I traipsed along with him for a change. It was quite nice to get out and about but I was shattered when I got home, and slept for an hour. And then on Sunday I did the spring clean marathon session on the house. And yes I was shattered at the end of that too, but at least the house is looking all nice and clean, and I even made a banana cake for D's lunch this week. So he is Easily pleased that one.

I did some stitching too, but unfortunately can't put up pictures just yet as they are for exchanges. But I am happily getting back into the stitching again. This week I am going to hopefully start and finish the mail art piece that needs to be posted off next week for the Stitch and Stash board. I have several patterns that I printed off, but I can't decide which

And I gave in, and ordered some more thread and fabric from Jayne's Attic for the Beginners SAL Hardanger piece.. I know I wasnt going to buy anything else, but well I couldn't
Flying towards my dreams @4:52 pm

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