Dogs and sleep
Tuesday, March 22, 2005

 Grrr, dont they realise that we need our sleep. My darling dog Bear has just come downstairs, scared the living wotsits out of me, and asked to go out. Grrr!! So I let him out then started pacing around the kitchen, and realised I had the munchies. So I have just eaten a buttered hot cross bun and a kitkat. Then the lovely dog decides he is going to wake the neighbourhood up and bark. Bark, since when has he ever barked? That dog doesnt do barking..he whimpers rather than So I let him in and he goes back upstairs to bed.

Omg he is back downstairs again, and has gone to this dog bowl, taken a biscuit out and then taken it upstairs again. Hmmm I think I am going to end up with dog crumbs in the bed when I go up there in a minute.

And I have just realised that the cup of tea DH made me at 10pm (two hours ago) is sitting on the dresser stone cold. I give up, think I will just give up on making a fresh one and go to bed.

Havent done any stitching today, well unless you count three stitches on a coaster as

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better and productive day.

*make mental note to self, check into if I can afford Blogjet, as I really like using this and dont want to miss out after the 30 days trial is up*



Flying towards my dreams @11:52 pm

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