Aaaaah mice - Manic mania
Monday, May 16, 2005

Spoke to a couple of neighbours today and it seems that this side of my road has a wee problem. Because of the due lack and consideration by our lovely council, the waste land that was garages, over the back of us seems to have turned into a breeding pit and we are now seeing the consequences..grrr. My neighbours told me to check all around the cupboards by the doors and where they had taken out the old boiler as apparently everyone has had a visitor or two..eeeww!!

Anyway when Dave came home from work before I had even told him this, Bear started crying by the back door and pawing at the Oxyclean tin..upon inspection underneath there was a squashed mouse..eww again!!! So I then went into manic moad and completely emptied the cupboards top and bottom and threw two black sackfuls away of everything that was in there whether we needed it or not. Only trouble is I now have to buy some new dusters..grr. I then totally covered everything in white vinegar and scrubbed till my hands were raw with the scrubbing of surfaces.

When we put everything back, boy were those cupboards empty..still they are nice and tidy :-)

So after a ruined evening I sat down to watch Hustle, only to have that rudely interupted by Bear again. He was crying and trying to get under the living room dresser. Well on closer inspection it turns out we have a field mouse, not a house mouse this time, taking residence under our dresser..ack!! So after a lot of banging about, shining a torch near it the poor mouse fled in horror outside its bolt hole and into the alley outside the house. I then pulled everything out, including the dresser, into the middle of the room and totally hoovered the lounge thoroughly and then sprinkled white vinegar around the edges of the carpet etc. We also sealed up the cable hole in the wall where the offending creature got through.

I am now sitting here with a gleaming kitchen and a gleaming living room, smelling like I am in a chip shop but none the less totally bacteria and rodent free. I am now itching like mad and feel unclean..ewww

And my whole evening has been a total disaster.. :-(
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