Had a shock today
Sunday, May 08, 2005

Dave took me touring around double glazing places today for a quote on rebuilding our porch and putting a new front door and window in there. Well the first two places were shut so that was pointless. Went to the last one and it was actually very nice. They had two dogs lounging around in reception and a parrot in a cage there. We also got to look round the factory - wow exciting NOT!! Anyway Dave booked them to come and give us a quote Monday evening at 7.pm. So byebye to nearly £2,000 I would imagine.

Anyway we went onto Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre for a nose around and to have some lunch. Not that its changed that much, still the same shops in it. In fact none of them have actually disappeared since we used to go there about 8 years ago for our shopping each week. Had a mooch around, a quick coffee in Morrelli's, popped into WHSmiths, had a nose at mobile phones to price them up in Virgin then onto the food court for lunch.

Well it was there I got my shock - who was on a table about two tables down from us was Mick. Wow shock of all shocks, he was the last person I expected to see. Still it was nice to see his wife hasnt changed, she still looks like a witch..lol. He had his twins with him and I was amazed at how much they had grown, although they are now 9yrs old. His little girl is the spitting image of his eldest daughter Louise, when she was that age its uncanny. Well he saw me and the look on his face..it was a picture. Talk about trying to keep his wife's attention, I think he was terrified she would turn around and see me. That would have been interesting a cat fight in the middle of Hempstead..lol. Thankfully Dave had his back to them so he didnt see them otherwise that could have been nasty.

It was funny really as it didnt really shake me that much, I was more surprised to see him in there..lol. Shall see if I get a phone call on Monday morning with the third degree..lol.

Anyway its now nearly 1am and I need to go to sleep..
Flying towards my dreams @12:48 am

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