Well so much for that idea..
Wednesday, May 18, 2005

After I had promised my oh so ever so nice CPN *I dont actually like him..grrr* that I would get dressed before I actually come downstairs, that kind of failed today.

I did get up at a reasonable time, 9.30am as the postie knocked at the door to get me to sign for the Alphabet RR that I am in and we had a chat while she was there. So I thought I would make a cup of tea while I was down here, then had to ring Dave to tell him my DLA has been cut by £80.00 a month :-( But at least I am still getting it till 2007, so mustnt complain.

Then I decided to have a chat to Barbara on the phone to tell her about my mishap with the Alphabet RR piece I have. I had stitched it all up ready to send only to discover I have stitched it the wrong way..so have to unpick it all and redo it the right way..aaaaaaaah!!

Well it is now 11.19am and I am still in pj's and gasping for another cup of tea, so will make one and then go and have my shower as I want to pop into town and pick up some padded envelopes for various postings that I have to do. I cant believe I dont have any in the house..hmmm!!! Then I have to package up the SS stuff to send, some bits to send to Brilliant in America and also to pop some things in the post for Belinda in America as I keep meaning to do it but I keep forgetting and I have had a few bits here for her for ages now..oops. Also I have to parcel up Donna's cd software that I said she could have last week, and I haven't got round to it yet..oh dear where is my head these days!!!
Flying towards my dreams @11:23 am

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