Petrol strikes - I dont believe it..
Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I don't bloody believe it. The blooming petrol strikes from 2000, are happening again!! Ok so the petrol is now nearly 1.00 GB pounds a litre of petrol, but surely if we were all careful and did not go overboard with petrol consumption, then we can ride this hiccup out.? Or am I being a bit optimistic here!!!

So now after speaking to D he has told me we might not be going on holiday in a couple of weeks time. I dont believe it..I was really looking forward to this break as I have always wanted to go to Cornwall. Well Boscastle to be exact! I wanted to go to the Witchcraft Museum and Bodmin Moor. But no..even that little bit of happiness is going to be taken away from me by the bastards of the Fuel Lobby, that take it upon themselves to protest outside all the petrol supplier plants, and cause massive inconvenience to everyone. Which is now going to cause mass hysteria amongst shoppers, so we are going to have mass buying in the supermarkets and mass buying of petrol at the petrol stations, which in turn is going to make it unsafe as people are going to hoard petrol in the their garages and possibly cause fire risks.
As you can tell I am extremely miffed about this..not a little bit but a bloody lot.

I mean is cutting the tax on petrol really going to do any good, its going to take at least a month for the petrol to start coming down in price if it does work. And then the government is going to think of something else anyway, to get their tax back. I mean you cant just cut a tax without getting something in return can you..our government is not like that.

Anyway here is the url for those interested: Petrol protests
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