Why is therapy hard..
Thursday, October 06, 2005

Can someone answer me this question? Although it probably didnt help that I went into the session with a very low tolerance. I was already wound up after every bloody idiot was on the road doing idiotic things.

The amount of people that I saw on their mobile phones while driving around corners or doing complicated manaeouvres really grated on my nerves. By the time I went into see Wendy my blood was boiling, so yep that got me off to a good start..:(

We did have a reasonable good session in the point that we had a very long talk about my finances, or lack of it shall I say..we also put a couple of things into perspective too.

I also had to make her a promise that I will not have takeaways because I cant be bothered to cook - I have to actually cook a full dinner, as in from scratch like I used to do. THe only time I can have a takeaway is if D suggests it now.. AAAAAAHGGGGGGGHHHH!!

I've also got to make an effort and make enquiries about the card making group near me, and possibly pop along to observe. Hmmmdifficult one that..

Still thankfully I have a month to do this all in as Wendy is now off backpacking in Naples for a month. Cant wait for her to come back so she can tell me all her stories :)

Good news is that when I mentioned it to D about no takeaways bless him he said that he would pay for a takeaway once a month, as long as I stuck to my promise of cooking proper meals.

I have been stitching as well, which is another good thing. Finished my fairy exchange - will post a picture as soon as I have uploaded it from my camera. Now onto my Halloween exchange for ITP.

And so the lovely life of this depressant continues..lol
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