Cats, mice and sore nips..
Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Thought for the day - never let your cat lay near your laptop :-)

Ollie is very cuddly at the moment, and he likes nothing better than to sprawl all over me while I am sitting on the sofa. Now this is okay normally, but when I am browsing at the laptop he has this fascination with chase the mouse. I have an optical mouse which means I can use it on the sofa, which is a godsend I can tell you. Anyway Ollie seems to think it is his right to chase this mouse that mummy keeps shooing away!! We have pat the mouse, we have chew the lead then we have the full blown sink teeth into said mouse. His little face when he looks up at me as if to say "its not soft and squidgy like my toy mouse is.." is such a picture.

Then we have the snuggling syndrome..what is it with cats that must headbutt you at every And do they have a homing device for sore areas of your body? Cos believe me this cat certainly seems His favourite is lets sit across mummy and pound her lap, then when we get bored with that position we shift so that we are lengthways up my body. Then his litle paws start to pound, we go through the poundy paw phase. Then when we are satisfied that mummy's skin looks like a teabag, we then start to headbutt. I dont normally mind this as its normally my hand he wants, but not today - oh no he wanted to headbut my chest..aaaaaaaaaaah!! Please no, not there - they are sore. And bless him he found that out, as soon as he headbutted me there I shot off the sofa and Ollie was dumped unceremoniously on the floor with a sharp NO!

Yep Ollie is settling himself in.. Now I dont seem to remember my other cats being this cuddly. Barney wanted a lot of loving the last year of her life, and Smudge is so independant that having a cuddle on your lap is indignanty to her..she has to cuddle on HER terms not yours!! But Ollie is very cuddly..and this is after only 6 days with us. He's even tried to snuggle Bear, but poor Bear wasnt quite sure what to Trouble is Bear moved and Ollie flew behind the sofa at this point. :-)

Second thought for the day - Ollie has brought a new love to our lives. :-)
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