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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I am tired...

I am tired of being told I worship Satan when I dont.
I am tired of my God being told He is evil.
I am tired of stating that I also worship the Goddess.
I am tired of being stereotyped.
I am tired of having friends one day, then coming out of the broom closet, and not being acknowledged the next.

I am tired of being talked about behind my back when someone sees my necklace.
I am tired of my tree being called a "Christmas" tree and my eggs "Easter" eggs.
I am tired of hearing I am going to hell because I am sinning, when Jesus died for my sins and I do not believe in Jesus.

I am tired of hearing how evil Halloween is when it was created by the same group of followers and Samhain is what I celebrate and it isnt evil.
I am tired of receiving booklets to "convert" to their religion when their religion forbids such a practice.
I am tired of them not "loving thy neighbor" and "love thy enemy."
I am tired of explaining where the name Hel actually came from.
I am tired of ignorance.

I am tired of uneducated humans.
I am tired of being asked if I have "found Jesus" when I didnt know he was missing.
I am tired of being slammed against the locker door because I am a "Witch"
I am tired of being depressed.
I am tired of being thought of on Samhain even tho we celebrate throughout the year other holidays.

I am tired of being picked on in class because I am "different."
I am tired of living in the shadows.
I am tired of my child not able to sing Yule songs, but can sing "Christmas, Chanuka and Kwanza" songs.

I am tired of being judged by those who "shall be judged in the Kingdom of Heaven."
I am tired of rejection.
I am tired of sitting here.
I am tired of going thru this every day of my chosen faith.
I am tired of watching those like me getting the same treatment or worse.
I am tired of of you reading this and not doing a damn thing about it

Author = Brandy Stibbs aka aWitchyWolfe
Flying towards my dreams @1:04 am

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