Very boring day..dr's appt.
Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Well after having this damn migraine for 4 weeks now, ever since I had the blasted flu a month ago I finally succumbed and got an appointment at the doctors. So today was the appointment. I went in armed with a list which I had printed off earlier with the help of the girls on my APG group :-) I gave him my list of what was wrong, and bless him he put it all on the computer (in his words of course!) Anyway the upshot of it is that I have a course of antibiotics, and am awaiting an appointment to see a nice man at hospital to have a MRI scan as a precaution. Thankfully its nothing to worry about he said, just better to be safe than sorry. He's such a nice and caring doctor.

Regarding the benefits, the Dr is going to write to the DSS and DLA advising them that I am not fit for work at all, and requesting the retire me off totally. Yes I did cry, cos it was awful having to face the fact that at 37 my working life is over now. I did say what happens if I feel okay to do something in a couple of years time, but he said that in his opinion because I havent gone to work in the past 11 years since I have been ill he didn't think I would be able to cope with a working environment due to pressures etc.. And he wasn't happy agreeing to it either. So basically its time to put this lass on the scrap He's also going to tell them what I am like when I go to him, my fears and everything I have told him about what would happen if they withdraw my benefits. I also had to admit to him that I have had suicidal thoughts over this, which isnt good either, now it means I am still on the high risk mental health register.,whatever that is..grrr!!

I have also got to resubmit my disability form to say that I didn't feel the first one in correctly, and he said that they should backdate the money from September of last year when they reduced my payments. I also have to stress that I need constant care 7 days a week, even if its just to phone someone to come and stay with me till DH comes home from work when I am distressed.

So there's the upshot of it.. We did talk about me feeling like I was feeling like a scrounger because I have got an invisible illness but he said that he wouldn't support me if he didn't think that I needed him too.

Apparently I was the 3rd person who had been in to see him about the benefits and scared of losing them. So basically that's it.
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