There are some bastards out there...(Rant)
Monday, January 16, 2006

I have just watched my local news and there are these really cute Jack Russell dogs on there.. and it transpires they had been dumped on a busy road in Essex. I mean what inhuman person would dump three Jack Russel dogs just like that.? These poor little dogs had sores on them, which had obviously gone untreated for awhile. One dog had them on his nose, poor little thing he looked so forlorn. Another one had the sores on his back, and bless him he still carried on bounding around. And the last dog had them in his ears..poor little mite. These must have been so depilitating for these lovely dogs, its got to the point where they have bald patches where the sores were so irritating for them.

I mean how can someone be so cruel and callous to just dump them.? The mind beggars belief. And they say Great Britain is a nation of animal lovers..yeah say that to the RSPCA and other animal charities that are left to deal with the cruelty cases and dumped animals.

Thank fully these lovely Jack Russells are being cared for by the RSPCA and are getting the treatment and love they need. But sadly some animals arent as lucky. :-(

It makes my blood boil when I think of these people. I mean I could never even consider doing anything like that to my animals. I have had my recent animals (Scruffybear and Ollie) from animal charities and I will continue doing so when we want another animal when the time comes. Ok in some cases like Ollie and Patch (before Scruffy) the owners have been elderly and have died or been unable to look after their pet, and it probably broke their heart having to give their beloved pet up..but these are just a fraction of the animals at the centres. Scruffy was one of the abused cases, that the poor wee boy was so undernourished when he came to us he would bolt his food down so fast incase it was taken away from him. He didnt know how to play, he was terrified of the dark, hated going out in the garden, would cower if you tethered him outside a shop while you was inside because he thought you wouldnt come back to him and is still frightened of the rain.

Ok off my soap box I think..
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