What a surreal moment..lol
Sunday, January 15, 2006

I had just got up and D shouted up that he could hear goats baying (or whatever goats do..lol) from a neighbours garden. I thought he had totally lost it, but it did get Ollie in though.

Anyway I popped upstairs to have a quick nose out the back bedroom window, and what did I see? Yep you guessed it...goats. Two of them, a brown and white one and a black and white one. Well I was gobsmacked.. especially as we live in a suburban area full of houses and roads.. The nearest thing you get to a small holding or farm here is up the main road towards the doctors where there is a chicken farm. But never did I imagine I would see goats in a neighbours garden...lol They do look well cared for, and do have lovely blue collars on each with a little bell. Wonder if they have all the DEFRA papers.. bet that tickled DEFRA..two goats in a garden in a suburb..lol.

Luckily they have a 100ft garden so its not too bad, and they do live at the end of a terraced block. But not quite the thing you expect to see when you open your bedroom windows and there is a goat looking at you..

Poor Scruffy cant quite make it out, he keeps going out and coming back in and making strange noises. Luckily when the patio doors are shut he is quiet, but its going to be interesting in the summer - goat noises.. Wonder if they are going to get chickens next..lol

Also I suppose it will be a good deterrant to Ollie, not to stray too far from our garden, well thats if he does actually go further than the patio that is. Or comes out from under the patio chairs when he is outside. Thats as far as he gets at the moment, and all the birds still come down and feed while he is outside. Poor Ollie is rigid with fear..he doesnt quite know what to do. So I definately do think he was an indoor cat before we got him.. I mean he doesnt know what grass or dirt is.. Bless him.

Anyway more on the goat saga hopefully later, I am going to pop over to the neighbours and just see that I am not hallucinating..lol.
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