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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I knew it..lol Why on earth did M say that they would be seeing me at 10am today..? I will admit I was really looking forward to seeing him, and having a good old chat over a cup of tea. And he even promised he would have a couple of hours to spend with me rather than just 10 minutes or a quick phone call. And guess what? Yep he was a no show.. Now this does not surprise me in the least. When I saw M 5 years ago or more, he wasnt exactly the best of time keepers - I mean he used to forget days..lol. And I see nothing has changed.. :-)

Oh well the good thing is at least I can laugh about it now. A few years ago I would have been in tears and sitting by the phone willing it to ring, heck I even used to check it to see if it worked. Yep I know sad..lol. But this time I havent even really let it bother me. Maybe its cos I am too comfy curled up on the sofa with Bear while watching This Morning on the t.v.

I have done my housework for the day - the upstairs looks clean and tidy, even the bedroom has been decluttered. Its amazing what you can do in 15 minute bursts.. oh how I like Flylady..lol. The living room has actually stayed tidy for three days..lol. I have even been tidying the "hotspots" before bed..now that is sad.!!

Ok I have two nice cakes sitting in the kitchen, the question is do I start them or keep them..lol. Hmm big decision..lol. One of them is a gateau that I suppose wouldnt really keep - yep I was feeling extravagant while in town yesterday so brought a black forest gateau. Dont ask me why.. well yes I know why.. I thought it would be nice while M was here to be really decadant and have a cup of tea with a nice slice of gateau.. heaven!! The other cake is a home made lemon drizzle cake. I had so much energy yesterday evening that I ended up making this cake while D was watching Judge John Deed on cable replay. Oooh decisions decisions.. And if M does 'dain to get here before midday then I might have some cake left..lol. No dont worry I wont be eating it all in one go, I'm not that much of a cake junkie.. I'll probably have a piece of gateau and save the rest for me and D to have as pudding today and tomorrow after tea. The lemon cake I shall take with me tomorrow when I drive to my inlaws to collect my spare computer tower, and take her defunct one back.

I have been doing an hour of stitching a day - but only cos I dont want to lose the bug again. I figured that if I did at least an hour then I would feel that I am still keeping my hand in with stitching. Haven't got any pictures yet, as the pieces I am doing are for an exchange and for a friend as a surprise. But I am enjoying stitching them...

Apart from that I am plodding on as I can.. having my ups and downs, mainly more downs than ups. Which is why M was going to spend some time with me today..oh well never mind. He might even think to ring me later..although I dont think I will hold my breath on that one.. ;-)
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