Family crisis.
Thursday, November 23, 2006

I have spent all of this evening at my local hospital in the ICU department. Unfortunately my mother was rushed into A&E today and was then immediately transferred to ICU. I didn't know until my Aunt T rang me with the news at 5pm today. Once I had found out where mum was, and D had come home from work we immediately went to the hospital where I found my mum in a very bad way. D left me there and came home to sort himself and the dogs out. I have only just got back in, it is now 1.45am and I am absolutely shattered.

Unfortunately she is unable to breathe on her own and is on a ventilator. The diagnosis sadly is pneumonia (sp!) and emphysema. This is due to the heavy smoking that she has done over the many years and refuses to give up. Sadly it looks like it is going to be the killer of her.

The prognosis is not very good, she has very badly damaged lungs and one is completely knackered and complete irrepairable. The Dr who is looking after her says she is in the best place, but unfortunately because of the damage and she seems to have given up the will to live that only time will tell. He said it could be days or weeks before she makes a recovery, if she recovers at all. The next 48 hours are critical, she may or maynot make it through this time. So I am having to steal myself for the inevitable.

Unfortunately my time will now be taken up with hospital visits as I am not leaving her there on her own. So that when I have got up and sorted everything out at home I will be spending my time in the ICU with mum.

Until time tells what is going to happen I am taking some time out and will not be around as much as I have been.

Please bear with me during this heartbreaking time for me and my mum. And any positive thoughts would be appreciated.


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