Can you tell I'm bored..
Thursday, May 01, 2008

I know exciting title eh?

I have been playing around on Facebook today and found some old school friends, one of them was even my old ex from many years ago. Sheesh how scary those days were. I also didn't realise how addictive Facebook was..ooops. Before you know it the whole day has disappeared and all you have done is literally play around. So I decided to be constructive and get my astrological chart done.. Yep really constructive eh?

Planetary Positions

Sun: 22°05' Aquarius
Jupiter: 02°01' Virgo
Moon: 20°47' Cancer
Saturn: 09°08' Aries
Mercury: 00°01' Pisces
Uranus: 28°34' Virgo
Venus: 19°37' Capricorn
Neptune: 26°28' Scorpio
Mars: 25°52' Pisces
Pluto: 22°17' Virgo

Sun, Feb 11, 1968 5:55 PM
Time Zone: 00:00 (UT)
Bromley, United Kingdom
Latitude: 51d N 24m
Longitude: 000d E 02m

Rising Sign is in 01 Degrees Virgo

Your ascendant or rising sign which tells you about the image you project is Virgo, so on first meeting you appear neat, tidy, hard working, rather understated and modest. Appearances can be deceptive and your inner nature may be somewhat different as your long term friends realise but you do come across to others as well organised, genuine if a little critical at times. Helping others is one of the most important thing in your life. You want to be seen to be caring and compassionate. You do sweep a good deal of the untidiness in your life out of sight.

Sun is in 22 Degrees Aquarius

With the Sun in Aquarius you are a communicative, detached, strongly independent personality with a witty, inventive mind, and a quirky outlook on life. Safety in numbers is often your motto since you are wary of too much intimacy. Large groups of people around make you much more relaxed than claustrophobic twosomes. Your airy, chatty approach to life at times can make you appear emotionally cool or detached, but you prefer it that way. Close relationships do try your patience so you need an independent mate who gives you space, ideally another Aquarian. That way you can blow kisses across a crowded room and feel connected. You will keep your own friends even after you have committed yourself to a long term relationship. Domesticity is not your ideal, since you loathe drudgery and are not inherently practical. Basically a hippie at heart, you care little what others think and blithely walk your own path. You are a born radical, pioneer or rebel. Despite a really stubborn streak you are often seen as amazingly tolerant since you are humanitarian at heart and exceptionally good with friends. You have a real sense of the great brotherhood/sisterhood of mankind and want to make a better society in which independence and freedom are the keynotes.

Moon is in 20 Degrees Cancer

With the Moon in Cancer so the family are your most important support. Nurturing for you is having your nearest and dearest around in large numbers in your familiar, intimate surroundings. You are deeply sensitive and easily hurt so you protect your feelings often by withdrawing into your self rather like an oyster into its shell. Leaving the past behind is never easy for you, so situations of emotional change and transition can be painful. Your sentimentality often stops you seeing the past clearly, since you permanently wear rose-tinted glasses. You can be moody and over judgemental. But you gain great comfort from creating a beautiful home, to which you can invite elegant friends, who over time become part of the family.

And now I am spooked as to how accurate this is. But it also explains why I am very much like a Cancer when I read my stars. So now it looks like I will have to read Virgo as well to get a more accurate picture.

Oh how I wish I could have a proper astrological report drawn up but they are way to expensive, and I wouldn't even know which one to choose from. So for now I shall stick with the freebies.
Flying towards my dreams @5:42 pm

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