Garden show..
Sunday, May 25, 2008

Not such an early or leisurely start today. Had to be up at 7.30am due to going to the garden show. We also had to get to my friends house, to pick her up, for 10ish.

I'm not sure I like these mornings where I have to rush about. I'm not the world's fastest person in the mornings.. Photobucket

Weather was glorious all day Photobucket

We got to the show just after 11am and I couldn't believe how busy it was. And people were already leaving with plants at this time of the morning.

We were very lucky with a parking space – right next to the entrance. I think next time we go to an event at Detling we'll go at this time again.

I was totally overwhelmed with all the plant stalls and we went round once, then had lunch, then it was onto serious spending !!!!

We came home with the following plants:

Can you see a colour scheme showing here?? Photobucket

It was a long day but a happy day. Although I did catch the sun on the back of my shoulders and chest rather heavily and that is with a sun hat on too.

Dropped N off home and then drove to Homebase to buy a new lawnmower and some outdoor Cucumber, Carrots and Red Spring Onion seeds.

Did battle with Asda then drove home.

After a leisurely tea we settled down to cheer on Andy Abrahams in the Eurovision Song Contest. Well that was a total farce!! I will admit some of the other countries entries were great for a laugh. The voting was a farce – unofortunately UK got 14 points in total and came last. Russia came first with 172 points although it was almost determined that Russion, or one other Eastern European country would win. The sad thing is that the great institution of Eurovison – Terry Wogan is considering pulling out of commentating. It has also been announced that Italy and Austria have pulled out totally of the competition.

I also think it may be the last year we watch it. And to think they didn't put Dr Who on because of this..

Flying towards my dreams @10:22 pm

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