Eeeks its nearly 5pm
Friday, June 24, 2005

And I am still here in night wear..omg!!

Ok I have an excuse, I didnt get any sleep last night at all due to the oppressing heat and also having had my first therapy session during the day - so my brain was a wee bit overactive even though my body wasnt!! Anyway I crawled into bed at about 4am and slept till I got rudely awoken by DH telling me that he only had one day left at work today till he is on a weeks holiday. Yeah like I really wanted to know that dear!!! He went off to work happy in the knowledge that he had imparted that useless information to me and I turned over and went back to sleep, or at least tried to with a dog sticking his feet in your ribs. Well I must have finally dropped off till about 10.15am when M rang me for a chat and then wondered why he wasnt getting much conversation from me. Basically I was trying desperately not to fall asleep. So after about 10 mins of useless chatter from M, I went back to sleep. Then I got woken up again at 12.15 by yet another phone call from M apologising for waking me up earlier..doh!! What part of "let me sleep" did you not

So at that point I thought I was being "told" to get up so I got up and curled up on the sofa downstairs under the ceiling fan, a free standing fan and a desk fan. With the patio doors wide open and the window wide open - AND the phone unplugged. I was going to catch up on some sleep whether it killed me.. :-) So slept through till about 1.30ish then woke up, thought I would ring Barbara for a chat - then dozed off again. So now I am fully refreshed and wide awake yet still in nightwear cos its cooler.

Will go and have a shower then see if I can persuade Dave if we can have fish and chips for dinner as I really do not want to cook in this heat..

Before I go, on the weathercheck website the temeprature was hitting 41deg (108F) at midday today..ack that is waaaaaaaaaaay too hot!!!

Oh and I might even see if I can play around with a few more skins for this blog, but not sure yet. Got to see if I can keep the same layout but a different skin and colour etc...
Flying towards my dreams @4:54 pm

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