Just a little thing I saw while I was checking out the meme's list..
Sunday, June 12, 2005


1. Are you ticklish? It depends, on what mood I am in.

2. Where are you ticklish most? My feet, and the back of my neck

3. Do people often take advantage of your ticklish-ness? Nope, they normally know to leave me alone..

4. Do you get angry if people try to tickle you? Most definately. The only people I have ever let tickle me are those extremely close to me like family and lovers.

5. Do you ever try to tickle others? No I havent tried this. I suppose it wouldnt be fair on the person in case they didnt like it or something like that. I always go along with thinking that cos I dont like it then I wouldnt do it to anyone else.

Cooking and Baking...

1. Do you like to cook? Yes I do, I have always enjoyed it ever since I was a child when I used to watch my nan bake.

2. What's your fave meal? Suet bacon and onion pudding with thick onion gravy.

3. What's your fave meal to make? Stew and Dumplings

4. What's your fave dessert to make? Fruit pie or Fruit crumble

5. Do you eat the cookie dough? Ewww no way..lol
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