Update..I think..
Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Well so far so good healthwise. Had a few aches yesterday, had to literally go up the stairs on all fours as I couldnt put that much weight on my legs - the tops of my legs were really aching something rotten. And I couldnt bend down to pick anything up from the floor or the bottom of the fridge/freezer. Still after some painkillers and a decent sleep I wasnt so bad today. Just have to bear with it..not a lot I can do about it.

We spent the weekend at D's parents - gods what an interesting weekend that was..groan!!! I always get so blooming bored there, and when we do watch the t.v. they chatter through it non stop so you dont even get to watch the programme you are watching..it drives me mad!!!

Sorted out the computer at their place..Oh joy that was fun..NOT!! First of all I couldnt get the damn thing to work, rang up the help line and they were as much use as a pig in a space suit. Anyway I decided to heck with it, and took a screwdriver to it. Took it apart, took everything out and literally put it all back together again piece by piece. And guess what!!! IT WORKED!! Gods only knows what was wrong with it, probably hadnt been put together properly. Anyway got all the Norton stuff installed and Office, so MIL was a happy bunny. Then had the lovely task of teaching her how to use it and the programs. Finally got it through to her how to use everything..and she was really pleased with it all.

Did end up having a few words with D though, he will insist on interfering - and he has admitted to me he knows absolutely nothing about computers.

Me, D, Inlaws and my BIL (Chris) all went out for a lovely meal in a really swanky hotel on Eastbourne seafront. Felt a bit jittery when we got there as there were loads of people in the dining room, but calmed down eventually. Felt a bit underdressed though as there were all these people in there dressed to the nines, with their posh clothes, dinner jackets and pearls on. Must have thought we were a load of ruffians..lol. It was a gorgeous dinner - wild boar pate, with toasted brioche and plum chutney for starters, roast beef and yorkshire pudding with buttered swede, rosemary roast potatoes, minted new potatoes and broccolli for the main course, and then hot pineapple upside down cake with cream for pudding. I was in heaven :-)

Then had a leisurely walk back to the car. Dave spotted a Chevrolet Kalos so went over to have a nosey. Thank gods a policeman never came past, as D was pearing in at all angles..lol. Think he liked it :-)

Didnt stay long once we got back to the inlaws, which I was pleased about.

Dave is off work all this week, which I am finding a bit of a strain. So far we have had a row in Argos over a filter jug, a row over gods knows what and D not talking to me for some reason or other. And its only Tuesday, well Wednesday now.

Got the dreaded wonderboy Steve the CPN coming today (Wednesday) which I am not looking forward to. This could be why I am a bit uptight the past couple of days. Will be glad when he has gone. Haven't got a lot to tell him, and I havent really been going out on my own to new places. Well I went with Dave at the weekend, so does that count..lol. We will see what he has to say.

Have to see Wendy (therapist) on Thursday morning, then am hoping to go on a spending spree in Bluewater afterwards. Dave has said he wants to go, as we are going to Costco after the meeting. So shall combine Bluewater with that. :-) Yep there's Lakeland in there so I want to see what new things they have. :-)

Wow I've written a blooming novel..lol. Think I better stop now...
Flying towards my dreams @1:11 am

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