Hmm did I miss something.. flu pandemic? WHere!
Friday, December 16, 2005

Am just sitting here, doing nothing, yep I do a lot of Anyway I have good old ITV on the t.v. and just now the news comes on. And what do I hear, there is a flu pandemic this winter.! Err where? And what the heck are they talking about?

Now do they mean this avian flu thingy, or a different flu entirely? If they mean avian flu then I thought that had died a death, seeing as we havent heard anymore on the matter. A few months ago it was plastered all over the newspapers and news that we might get avian flu here. I mean they were litereally throwing it down our throats everytime you turned the t.v. or radio on, hey I seriously thought the poor pigeons in my garden were going to be dog food before too long. But no! The pigeons are still there, in fact they have multiplied :-) Nope there definately isnt any avian flu in my back garden. :)

So they must mean real flu, as in sicky flu - that horrible flu I am trying to shift as I type this. Now I want to know where did they suddenly decide there is going to be a flu pandemic, when there has been no mention of it on the news. Yep we have had vomiting stuff on the news, but then thats normal where our news is But no flu!!

So in their infinite wisdom they announce this, and then they tell us there is likely to be mass panic buying - oh great just a week before Christmas they announce this. Well thats like a red rag to a bull - the little old dears will be getting their zimmerframes all oiled up and their watches synchronised for a mass attack on Asda down the road now. Oh joy!

I bet its only one person thats got the of course that warrants a pandemic..hardly!!

So I am going to get my boxes all packed up with food just in case there is a shortage of *basically its called buying your Christmas food*
Flying towards my dreams @10:57 am

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