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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Finally the fever has broke :-) Yesterday I went to bed, dont ask me what time as I have lost all concept of time over the past few days..lol. Anyway after being up for a while during the day yesterday, I went back to bed and was watching t.v. in bed inbetween drifting in and out of sleep. At one point I really felt I was dying, I felt that bad..*yeah I know slight exaggeration but believe me it felt like that* I felt so rough that I went and had a shower, as I was totally drenched in sweat..I tell you I have never ever had a fever like that before.

The annoying thing of being like this, is that I have not got any sympathy from D. That has really pissed me off - I even said to him last night that I wished he would put his arms around me and cuddle me. His comment was "you are too clammy". Well sorry but I have a fever..doh!! The sad thing is that I know I would have got plenty of "tea and sympathy" from J..in fact I often did when I wasnt well while I was at his place in previous years, and vice versa with me to him. I did have a little chuckle to myself last night before I went to bed though.. I asked D if he would put some vicks (menthol stuff) on my chest,and I made a comment like don't get any ideas..lol. Jeeze you would have thought I would have suggested something really obsene the way D recoiled from me when I said that, but I must admit I did think back to the times when J was in my life and we would do that and yes he did get ideas..lol. His excuse was its a good way of sweating out a cold or fever..lol. How different D and J are :-( Anyway thats enough of that..

I have to go to the post office today and post some bits and bobs, and then drive to Asda to pick up some other things so am hoping that I dont push it too much. I really do want to decorate the christmas tree today, but I think that will be more like tomorrow that I do that. At the moment I have a lovely green bare real christmas tree sitting in my living room..very chic!!!

And I really must get round to emailing people I owe emails to, I have been very lax in that, but hopefully they will understand that being ill that was the last thing on my mind. Although I am trying to keep uptodate by reading their blogs, although for some strange reason the words just dont make sense to me.. I think I will end up reading these blogs again..

Anyway thats enough waffle from me, and I will head off to the bath so that I can go to the post office and Asda and then settle down for the rest of the afternoon indoors.
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