Just had to put this before I go..a letter box anatomy..
Saturday, December 10, 2005

Thank you to Fushia Faery for this interesting little titbit about the good old british red letter box..

Anatomy of a Letter Box

I had no idea that letterboxes (or mailboxes!) were so intricately designed here. I just thought they were red pillar boxes for sticking letters in. If you are interested in the mysteries of the royal mail, read on...

"If you have looked at the other pages you will have gathered that not all letter boxes are the same. On this page is a diagram showing what the different parts of a letter box are called with a brief description of how they might vary. This is followed by some examples of Royal Ciphers and then Standard letter box dimensions.

The top of a letter box may be referred to as the roof. The cap on a pillar box helps to keep rain out of the aperture.
Indicates the 'Next Collection', usually with a number.
Sometimes referred to as the mouth. The height and width can vary. On modern post boxes a hood over the aperture helps prevent rain from entering. On some early Victorian boxes the aperture was placed vertically rather than horizontally.
The notice plate gives details of collection times. It may be an enamelled plate, some form of paper or cardboard notice, or made from plastic.
The style and relative positions of these three items can vary greatly. For example on some GR boxes the crown is placed higher in comparison to the cipher than on others. See below for some examples of Royal Ciphers. On some letter boxes the words POST OFFICE appear either side of the aperture.
On pillar boxes the base is usually painted black. The name of the manufacturer can often be found either at the front or the rear of the base.
Royal Ciphers

Edward VII1901-1910
George V1910-1936
Edward VIII1936
George VI1936-1952
Elizabeth II1952"
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