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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Well as the title says it all really..there isnt a lot else to

Feeling like absolute shit, I have some kind of flu, I know its not a cold as I am not sneezing or do I have a bunged up nose. But I do have achey limbs, heck even my finger joints ache..and my throat is killing me and I basically feel crap.!!

You know if this is flu with the flu jab, thank gods I had it is all I can say - what on earth would I feel like if I hadnt had the jab..

But.. I havent had flu for well over 15 years now, and what happens - I have a flu jab for the first time ever and yep - I get blooming flu..ugh!! You cant win can Wonder if I can sue my nice

Still havent done my H.N.T. - its sitting on the camera ready for me to download, so if I am feeling better later I might sort it out tonight, if not then tomorrow will pop it on here. With hopefully a picture of my christmas tree and lights :)

Yep we are semi half way there - the tree has been brought indoors to "drop" and the outdoor lights are up, just got to decorate the tree and the indoors. :-) But that is my job for tomorrow.

So because I am feeling so crappy I am off to catch an hour or so snoozing till teatime :-(
Flying towards my dreams @5:20 pm

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