A bit of a moany post..bear with me..
Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I don't normally do these kind of posts but this one has kind of got be a bit riled up.. Although to someone else it will seem a minor thing, but well when you know what it is then maybe some of you will be able to understand..

On a couple of boards I visit they allow the use of tickers in signatures. Now these in themselves are not too bad, okay some people do go a bit overboard but you can normally ignore them to a certain degree. Well some tickers are a little bit too insensitive I feel.. They are certain pregnancy tickers.. Yep I can hear you know saying what on earth do I have against pregancy tickers? Well I dont normally, but this type of ticker is really hurting me like hell.. This ticker is rather graphic and it shows every stage of the foetus' growth from conception to birth. Actually I will admit I find it a bit freaky really..but everyone to their own thoughts.

Now the reason I am hurting with this ticker, well I think that it is kind of rubbing salt into the wound that I am having troubles having a baby of my own..and it is especially raw at the moment with the problems I had over a week ago.. I also think that the people that have these graphic tickers are being a little bit insensitve to other peoples feelings. Now dont get me wrong I dont mind the ordinary type of pregnancy ticker, but quite frankly I dont want it rammed down my throat what the baby is looking like in the womb at specific stages.

There is also a bit of trouble with this ticker, as one person who has been told it is offending some people on this board, she is being particularly insensitive to others feelings. She just doesnt seem to understand that this is not a personal attack on her, but on the type of ticker and if she could possibly spare some feelings for how people like myself. But no she is turning it around so that it looks like a personal vendetta saying that no-one has mentioned to her that they find this ticker offensive.. Well I doubt it, they would report it to the site administrators so they can act upon it. Its also being turned into a bit of a battle as others have said they dont find it offensive..well maybe they haven't had difficulties with conceiving or miscarriages..etc.

Everytime I see one of these tickers on a post I physically hurt inside, the pain is so raw. And even the pain you have managed to deal with is brought to the surface - dont know why these tickers make this happen and not the ordinary tickers like the one at the top of my blog..

And just as I was starting to feel reasonably okay and was dealing with the my body letting me down - this bloody happens.

Oh well c'est le vie as they say.. I'll just go and hibernate as normal, and go and marry my duvet again
Flying towards my dreams @10:13 pm

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