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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

*Today is Potato Chip day*

Ugh Its now nearly 8.30am, and I had been tossing and turning for the past hour to the point where I was disturbing D, who has the week of work on holiday (oh joy!). It didnt help that my darling dog Bear does insist on sleeping on our bed at night and this morning he thought he would snuggle inbetween me and D - oh joy!! He is not exactly a small dog and when he wants to settle down on the bed suddenly he sprouts more legs than a centipede :-) So after being poked and prodded in the back by Bear I decided to roll out of bed as best as I could.

Now I cant remember if I told you about falling down the stairs over a week ago, and after checking back on my blog I didnt, so it must have been the time I didnt write for a week. Well anyway a week ago this Monday just gone, good old Natty decided to go toboganning down her last 4 stairs. Now you would think a girl my age would know better that you dont do that sort of thing indoors it is supposed to be done outside and in the snow..lol. But no this 38 year old thought it would be fun to do it down the stairs - NOT!! Ok I was negotiating Smudge (the old cat!) who for some reason known other than to herself thought it would be fun to see how slowly we can go down the stairs with Mum behind us.. Anyway after successfully negotiating not treading on Smudge I then decided it would be fun to slip down the last 4 steps..ugh!! Oh what fun I dont think. I bounced is all I can say, lol. Ok its not really funny now but I think if anyone had seen me it would have looked funny as all you could see of me was a heap in the bottom of the floor and not sure whether to cry or laugh..

Now to the good part.. Previous times when I have fallen down the stairs I have normally had enough padding on my rear end that it doesnt really do that much damage, well since the weight loss has reduced a considerable amount of padding all over I dont have such a padded rear to take the impact. Oh no and didnt I notice this.. I hit the bottom stair with such force that I have been in absolute agony since. I have either done some damage or very very badly bruised my coxyx area of my back. And this is no fun at all I can tell you. I am unable to drive a long distance anymore, as I cant get comfortable - the furthest I can go without crying with the pain is to my local Asda which is literally 5 mins down the road, and to the dr's which is 5 mins the other way. Oh and for some reason I can feel every bloody speed bump that I go over or down, wow that is absolute agony I can tell you.

Well even after taking painkillers and resting as much as I can for the past week I am still in agony over a week on almost to the point of it being laughable. Once I am in a position on the sofa I cant move because otherwise I literally jump through the ceiling in agony. I have been joking to D that I want a rubber ring to sit on, but thinking about it maybe its not such a bad thing at least I would be comfortable in bed and on the sofa.

Should be an interesting car ride on Wednesday as we are going over to Essex to Thurrock to visit Ikea, the big Asda Home and Living store and our three monthly visit to Costco. I should be okay as long as D avoids any speed bumps or potholes...lol

And now I am getting pissed off with Telewest while typing this.. I was happily watching Two Pints of Lager on tv replay and the damn thing decides to become unavailable while I am a quarter of the way through..how inconsiderate!! I cannot wait until we get the TvDrive in a few weeks, at least I can set it to record this programme in the background.. :-) Oh I am easily pleased..lol
Flying towards my dreams @9:24 am

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