Feeling like I don't know what....
Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Well after spending all day sorting out my blog, I've neglected the housework, which includes the washing up and sorting dinner out..

Now D is due home in about half an hour so that gives me time to scoot around and at least do the washing up, but dinner I am not sure about.

I've also been looking at my finances and it seems I have got myself into a bit of a hole again. I've overspent money that I don't even have..oh cripes!! Now I have to ask D if he will bail me out again, and believe me I am not looking forward to it at all. I have a feeling he is going to hit the roof big time. Oh well its my fault I know, so no excuse really.

Now because I am worrying over this I have had a tight feeling in my chest all day which I can't get rid of - I woke up with it and after taking painkillers during the day its still there. I know its stress related and I have to face up to the my feelings but I don't want to.

You know its got so bad at the moment with the big black dog, I haven't picked up my stitching for nearly a week now. I think I am going to have at least look at it and do the bits that need doing a.s.a.p.

Oh well off to bury myself in the freezer ... *translated to mean find something for dinner*
Flying towards my dreams @7:04 pm

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