Wednesday, June 07, 2006

HELP!! Why is it when I decide to get something I can't find it anywhere. I promised Ollie I would get him some catnip after he had heard all about it from his kitty blogging buddies, he even agreed to share a bit with his sister Smudge. But to be honest she is happy with some toothpaste..strange cat.

Anyway I now have an impatient cat who keeps on looking in all the bags when I come back from town, and do you think I can find any..NOPE! I've looked in plant shops, pet shops even pound shops, but oh no I cant find it. Oh yeah I can find the herb catnip ready to plant, but no dried catnip for the kitties to get all excited over. And if another shop assistant offers me a catnip toy, no I don't want the toys stuffed with catnip, my cats, especially Ollie, don't like toys for some reason they would rather have live flesh, mainly my arm or hand.

So my question is.. Where can I find dried catnip, the kind that cats love to play with - you know I suppose its kind of like cat weed instead of human

OMG I just realised I am offering to give my cats their ideal dope..oh gods what a bad mommy I am. Hey if it keeps them quiet who am I am to complain..

All help will be greatfully appreciated, and I know Ollie would definately be a happy cat.. And here is the little horror in his full glory:

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Flying towards my dreams @1:09 pm

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