Blimey what a turnup for the books - bomb blastings update
Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Well it seems that the police are closer to knowing who did the blastings in London on 07.07.05.

It turns out that they were suicide bombers, but british, of pakistan descent. My heat goes out to the Muslim contingency around Britain now, as they are going to be a target because of the stupidity of four deranged men, that were unfortunately muslim.

Please say this is the end of it now, and that there wont be any more bombings, or they step up the bombing campaign. We will slowly get back to how we were when the country was in the grip of the IRA, not knowing whether a bomb was going to go off under a car, in a train, in a station or a shopping centre. This I dont want to live like again. My heart always used to jump everytime I heard there was a suspicious package when D was coming home, and the fact he survived the IRA threats but these bastards injured him in a mindless attack on London. I dont wan tthis again, no way.

What did they think they were going to achieve anyway, was it to open the publics eye on the Muslim contingency, cause uproar against them, make the muslims become a target of hatred..well it seems they have achieved that..gods forbid.

I hope the police find the bastard behind the whole thing, and crucify him.

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