Hmmmm another week, another dollar!!!
Monday, July 04, 2005

Well D has gone back to work today after his weeks holiday, and I am actually missing having him around. :-( I think that is a massive step in the right direction, considering previous holidays where he has been at home I have been itching for him to get back to work, and cant wait to get rid of him.

I think Smudge is missing him too, for some reason. She keeps walking up to where he would sit and have his breakfast and put her paws on the cushion and then look at me and meow. Strange cat.!!!

Bear is doing his usual "let me sleep" routine. That dog definately doesnt do mornings bless him. It must have been a shock to him when D got up at 5am, he hasnt been getting up till 9am all last week so Bear has had a lovely lay in. Now he has a rude awakening at an ungodly

Barney is just being Barney, and sleeping everywhere. I dont think she even realises anything has changed..bless her.!!

Had a major disaster yesterday. I have lost my RR piece for the WOCS RR that I am in. I was sorting out things yesterday to post today and this was one of them. And do you think I can find it..nope!! I have looked absolutely everywhere, turfed the house upside down and inside out and it is nowhere to be found. Thankfully it is my piece so it isnt too much a disaster as I can stitch a quick border and blocks on another piece of Aida to send out tomorrow. I'm just majorly miffed, as I normally keep it with my other stitching and for some unknown reason I obviously didnt. Now I have no idea why in my infinite wisdom, I decided to put this somewhere somewhere else I cant find Whats the betting that as soon as I stitch another piece and send it off, the original piece will turn up...humph!!

Not a lot planned today, have got a couple of RR's that need doing so shall do a bit of housework then settle down to the stitching...hopefully I can find something decent on t.v. If not I think I will put the original War of The Worlds cd on and listen to that while stitching. :-)
Flying towards my dreams @1:05 pm

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